The Best From San Francisco, New York, Berlin and More

Mind Blowing Demos

Some of the demos feel like science fiction, but the products are quite real in areas ranging from drones to personal mobility devices.

Try For Yourself

Experience more than 100 products, including the Direct Energy mobile home showcase and a variety of rideables from bikes to one wheel skateboards.

Meet The Founders

Meet the founders of today's most promising startups who are coming from around the world.

For Your Business, Community Or Personal Interest

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Includes companies such as (smart irrigation controller), Architizer (marketplace for commercial architects) and others.

Governance & Civic Engagement

Featuring companies such as Seamlessdocs (smart online forms), Smartprocure (sales intelligence for procurement) and HandUp (donation platform for communities in need)

Transport & Mobility

Find opportunities to test drive devices from companies such as Future Motion (one wheel skateboard), Dash (connected car) and Whill (the wheelchair that goes everywhere)

Who is coming in 2015?

The Startups

The Funders, Cities, and Companies

What past participants say about Smart Startups

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